50624 - Felo 50624 Smart Belt Pouch, 9-piece set (1)

50624 - Felo 50624 Smart Belt Pouch, 9-piece set (1)



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This amazing 32-in-1 tool 9-piece kit is neatly packaged into a nylon belt pouch.

What's outstanding about this kit is the way the handle functions in either a standard screwdriver mode or in a T-handle position, especially handy when you have to crack a stubborn fastener.

This specially designed handle will help deliver the torque required to get the job done—whether to tighten or to unfasten.

The Felo 50624 Smart Belt Pouch comes with 8 blades, each with 2 tips, and one comfortable handle with two blade positions.

The 8 blades are:

  • 1 Blade—2 Tamper-Resistant Torx Heads: TX TR10 & TX TR15.
  • 3 Blades—6 Phillips heads: PH1 - 5/32" Slotted; PH2 - 1/4" Slotted; and PH3 - 1/8" Slotted.
  • 4 Blades—8 Torx heads: TX6 & TX7; TX8 & TX9; TX20 & TX25; and TX30 & TX40.

The handle and blades are manufactured in Germany of the finest-quality materials and tested to the highest standards to maintain a lifetime of use.